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SAAR Psychological Group

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We offer parental fitness evaluations as well as child evaluations to assist the court in matters involving issues of custody.  Our evaluations are frequently used in custody cases when there are concerns for parental alienation, parent-child relational problems, and allegations of abuse/neglect. In addition our evaluations can be of assistance in cases where the issue of being a psychological parent has been raised. This often occurs in cases where an individual other than the biological parent has been the primary caretaker of a child.

We often recommend evaluations for all parties involved as this provides a more comprehensive picture of each parties’ functioning and how the child functions under each person’s care,  but we are able to offer individual evaluations for those involved in custody cases.

Therapy Services

In addition to conducting evaluations and presenting expert testimony on parental fitness and other matters, we also offer a broad range of therapy options for families and couples in crisis. We offer couples therapy for those having difficulty in their relationships, family therapy for families with conflict and individual therapy for those coping in times of family difficulty. We also offer high-conflict therapy for those involved in a separation or divorce, as well as reunification therapy for children and parents whose relationships have suffered due to the conflict of divorce or separation. Finally, in cases of restricted visitation, we offer therapeutic supervised visitation services.

For information about any of these services, contact forensics@saarpsychologicalgroup.com.